• A Day in the Life of Women at IBM

    Today, IBM is made up of more than 430,000 women and men in 170 countries, many of whom are women and working mothers. Here are some of the women making a difference at IBM right now. We hope you enjoy their stories, and if you do please share across your networks. [Search Hot Jobs] Lysa Banks, Lead Architect… Continue Reading

  • Friend of a Fiend?

    Brian from softball sends you a friend request. He’s an all around good guy—punctual, complimentary, clean, the works! Go ahead and accept him. WAIT. Don’t do it. That is, don’t do it unless he’s been put to the test. IBM Patent No. 8,706,648 goes beyond Brian to calculate the digital or social media risk his friends pose… Continue Reading

  • Hello, I am Watson, ask me anything

    The following (imagined) conversation with IBM Watson took place recently with IBMers Lauren Urke and Ben Cao posing some tough questions to the darling of the cognitive computing landscape: Watson, are you planning to take over the world? Taking over the world is currently not on my roadmap; however, I am planning on making the… Continue Reading

  • IBM z13 Systems Design Film

    z13 is IBM’s new mainframe. It’s been designed from the ground up to support enormous scale and data and transactions to support the mobile generation. The z13 system culminates a $1 billion investment, five years of development, exploits the innovation of more than 500 new patents and represents a collaboration with more than 60 clients. Watch… Continue Reading

  • A Mainframe for the Millennials

    Over the holidays, I spent a few days skiing with family and friends in Vermont. Or, it would be more accurate to say my family and friends skied and I spent much of my time on the phone and email planning today’s launch of the IBM z13, a new  generation of IBM z systems built… Continue Reading