• My Memoir: LEADing to Africa

    Hello, I am Saleh Maitala. I am a LEADing to Africa (L2A) Intern from Nigeria and I have been working as a Software Developer in the IBM Manchester Lab for the last 12 months. I joined IBM in the summer of 2014 straight after graduating from The University of Sheffield with a degree in Software… Continue Reading

  • Coming Up For Air – The End of Sprint #1

    Greetings from the finish line of Sprint #1! This summer, our teams within Extreme Blue internship program each have 12 weeks to build a new product from the ground up. The 12-week development period is broken in to 6 two-week sprints, the first of which we have just completed. What a ride! Our project is… Continue Reading

  • Can Hiring Designers Actually Change IBM Products?

    By Graeme Fulton.  Come and join the design team at IBM Studios Hursley I had the privilege of joining IBM at an exciting time of significant change as the corporation has looked to reinvent itself. Amongst this large transformation has been the focus on bringing design back to the heart of IBM products. It sounds… Continue Reading

  • Helping the Next Generation Beat the Odds

    By Rashid Ferrod Davis. Twenty-three years ago this May, I graduated from Morehouse College as part of the largest class in the college’s history through 1992. Features in national media outlets told the stories of several young leaders from the Class of 1992, including why they had chosen Morehouse over such schools as Cornell and Stanford, the commitment… Continue Reading

  • Navigating LEADing to Africa for African Careers

    By Christopher Mesiku. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s you might remember reading a choose-your-own-adventure book. My favourite was The Cave of Time by Edward Packard. Typically, these series of books had four or five different plots with as many different endings. The reader chooses different plots and combines them with… Continue Reading