Extreme Blue: My Tech Whiz

Samidha shares what it is like to be an Extreme Blue intern in India.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

The aptness of this adage has always intrigued me. And so has the relevance it has held during my internship at IBM. I remember being introduced to my project on the very first day. It was about Hybrid Cloud Computing. I was apprehensive at first, like every newbie, about the project, about the work culture and about the laissez-faire outlook there is for internships elsewhere. Ever since that day, the entire journey has been like a game of poker to me. There have been moments of indecisiveness, and shreds of fear when a deadline could not be met, and there have been cheers of success and those of accomplishments.

As a twenty-something, I’ve probably done more than my fair share of internships in my college vacations. And aiding my appetite for variety, they’ve run the gamut from Functional Programming to Big Data, from an iPhone application to Data Analytics. Cloud computing was different yet. This was going to be my first hands-on experience at it, but thanks to my awesome mentors and the well-structured project, I never went astray in my work. Do you know why? Because liking the work that you do is more important than being good at it. Because if you like something, you eventually get good at it. But, forgive me as I burst the bubble for you, it does not hold true the other way round. And yes, this is the heart and soul of any good internship, a work place where you always feel like there is scope to improve, and to thrive.

This reminds me of what I have particularly liked about IBM, I have been rather amazed at the unprecedented efforts IBM has put in fashioning innovative solutions for the entire virtual information world. Breaking a disruptive technology into any marketplace is risky and challenging. And IBM remains unparalleled at it. I have been awestruck in my two months here at the humongous list of patents and products that IBM has to its name. And the computer science kid in me feels kind of enthralled at being a teeny-tiny part of a big innovation en-route to a technocrat world. Guess what! That’s the best part! You not only get to come up with novel ideas, but you also learn how to sell them, which is pivotal to the promotion of any kind of product. Yayy!

Okay enough of the geeky stuff, let’s talk about something fun! Did I tell you what a fantastic group of interns there are?! It feels like we have known each other long before working at IBM. Now that the Extreme Blue internship is coming to a close, we sure have a lot of stories to tell along with funny pictures of each other that have been captured on the way. *Winks*

Like this one here-

My tech whiz 1

Or maybe this one?

my tech whiz 2

Oh, what an adventurous ride it has been! I will miss this geek party and all the laughter I shared with my IBM buddies. *sob sob*

To learn more about the Extreme Blue internship program, take a look at our website www.ibm.com/extremeblue

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