Networking – a key to improving your career

By Nelly Ramirez Zavala

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An Amazing Opportunity

I love the work I do at IBM because it’s an amazing company. I joined IBM as an intern for HR. After a year I was given a full time offer as an Onboarding Analyst. This was a great opportunity that allowed me to learn so many things about IBM and provided the exposure and networking needed for career growth and development. Presently, I’m a Recruiter Partner and my role is to find high performing talents and ensure they accept IBM’s offer for a role that best suit their skills, passions, experiences and qualifications. Also I’m a learning facilitator for Succeeding@IBM, our induction course for new employees, where I get to explain IBM’s history, values, practices, strategy, career development and other important opportunities that exist within IBM. Being a facilitator has been an amazing experience for me.

Career Growth and Development

IBM provides opportunities to develop your skills and these possibilities are limitless. You can grow and develop your career as far and as fast as you can. It’s been 3 years with this awesome organization and I have grown to become a better person both as an individual and a professional. Now I’m studying for a Master’s degree in Talent Management and I enjoy the perfect work-life balance provided by IBM that makes it possible for me to improve myself and still remain part of IBM’s transformation in the Cognitive Era.

Grow your Network

In my current role, I am involved in local, national and global projects which give me the opportunity to grow my networks to include people all around the world, who show me different points of view about the best ways to work. I was inspired by my career mentor to grow my network, so I joined various simultaneous projects and the result has been extraordinary.

I love IBM Nellyrmz

I strongly believe in the need to build a good network in order to achieve fulfilment, personally and professionally. As a professional, I always seek challenges to work on additional projects and initiatives that will provide me the opportunity to connect with other IBMers and develop my skills.

Networking has been an important part of my career and it has helped me in my current role as a recruitment specialist. It’s really exciting because people value my opinion and invite me to participate in new initiatives, and I can say I have been inspired by other IBMers and made new friends in the process. I also get to be involved with a vast array of projects, including recruitment, onboarding, learning, workforce, diversity and compensation. All of which had provided opportunities to meet new people and learn from subject matter experts. IBM also, provides programs like mentoring and shadowing, which gives you the chance to relate with an experienced guide who offer advice about how to meet different goals with constant feedback.

Define your goals

You need to define your goals and your learning objectives. You can ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to obtain from this project?

What would I like to learn?

You need to push yourself to be the best version of you every time, to be able to take risk and willing to learn. You need to run that extra mile. This, in my experience, is how I achieved my expertise, and build a network that is still growing.

 I am very passionate about IBM and I enjoy sharing this passion with everyone because it feels so good to be on a path with limitless opportunities.

Nelly Ramírez is a Recruiter Partner & Learning facilitator for Succeeding@IBM with IBM.

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