How IBM keeps me driven in my HR Career

 By Bouchra Nassime

Bouchra was recently appointed as IBM Morocco’s HR Leader, a position viewed as a key role in the organisation given the value we place on our people. In this short interview, she shares with us her IBM experience, her passion for HR, and also some key attributes she has come to love about IBM.


What is your role in IBM?

I lead a dynamic team of HR practitioners and experts who closely collaborate with Business and Brand Leads in IBM Morocco, to ensure we deliver the highest quality HR advice and support. I love the variety that my role affords me – from ensuring recruitment of the very best talent, the smooth onboarding of hires, to playing a strategic role in compensation & benefits so we remain competitive in the market. Creating a work environment that is conducive to engagement, motivation and healthy wellbeing of our employees are key areas which I particularly enjoy about my role.

 What made you decide to join IBM?

I’ve worked at other multinational IT corporations before and I can clearly recall that, in any best practice or benchmark project that I had to lead, IBM was always at the top of our list. This was a strong indicator that IBM is a reference company for any IT expert or professional who would like to start, accelerate or succeed at any point in their career. This was my strongest motivation to join IBM. Other factors that I considered include IBM’s Employee Value Programs, the culture and the value placed on women’s career advancement. I also noticed how IBM encourages creative and innovative ideas from all employees that helps the business continuously evolve.

 What motivates you in your HR career?

For as long as I can recall, I’ve always been very passionate about working with people to uncover their true value and potential. Two areas allow me to delve into these fields – Recruitment and Talent Management & Leadership Development.

I’ve spent years of my career in recruitment – sitting through interviews, learning how to evaluate candidates and helping them get into the right roles –and I just like how it’s an art which combines intuition and the ability to spot and help develop potential.

Talent Management & Leadership Development is another very important aspect of my career. I like how it is about developing and attracting high performing talent, encouraging them to grow and contribute to the success of the organization, and eventually developing them to become leaders who will sustain the growth of the business. This all plays a large part in keeping an organisation healthy and strong.

My current role gives me the opportunity to contribute to these areas and help keep our long IBM heritage alive.

Now that you’ve experienced it firsthand, what are you most proud of about the IBM culture?

One of the unique traits of IBM which distinguishes it from other competitors is its great diverse environment which puts priority on competence, potential, and the ability to create and innovate. This is clearly demonstrated by how we encourage and push managers to provide opportunities for women and youth to compete for leadership positions. The rich and fascinating multinational and multi-cultural environment gives room for each high potential to grow in the direction he or she seeks.

I was also amazed to discover and watch how IBM lives innovation! I’ve heard it before, but now that I’m seeing it, I can say that IBMers live, breathe and share new ideas and innovation at every opportunity. IBM truly provides support to help IBMers remain essential in their everyday life, both personally and professionally. Everyone I’ve encountered in IBM has the touch of impacting positively the lives around them.

I am looking forward to being part of this incredible journey in the Middle East & Africa region and playing a role in shaping the new IBM.

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