IBM captures over 3M data points with an accuracy target of 100% at Wimbledon. Read more about this and other cool IBM facts from July

By Ella Slade.

As Wimbledon, and July, have now come to an end, it is time to reflect on some of the great activities IBM has been up to this past month! If you are preparing for an interview, looking to improve your application form or have a general interest in technology and IBM, these 10 facts from the past month will be right up your street.

1.Did you know, during #Wimbledon, IBM captures over 3M data points with an accuracy target of 100%:  Wimbledon data

2.IBM to open the first Center for Blockchain Innovation in Singapore #IBMBlockchain


3. IBM launches #Bluemix Garage for New York City cloud developers.

bluemix garage

4.IBM intensifies the fight against Zika. Join the effort through World Community Grid:  #OpenZika

world community grid

5.  Macys launches in-store AI assistant powered by IBM Watson  via Fast Company watson fast company

6. Did you know, IBMers have shared nearly 20 million volunteer hours. Explore our 2015 #CSR Report: 

CSR report

7. IBM Watson used the cloud to collaborate with Sesame Workshop on early learning initiatives 

sesame workshop

8.Every week 20,000 developers work with IBM Bluemix & 112,000 new apps are created every month  bluemix app

9. How #IBMWatson can harness social media data to help you understand customer sentiment: 

watson social media

10.IBM’s cloud revenue grew 30% in 2Q and reached $11.6B for the last 12 months. 


Ella Slade is a Global Recruitment Communications Specialist for IBM.

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