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Last week on the IBM Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) blog series, we shared My Transformational Experience in the IBM HRLDP. We continue the series featuring Susan Jischke, a Purdue University graduate and IBM HRLDP alumnus.

Susan Jischke is a Global Classification Lead at IBM currently working out of Indiana, USA. She joined the IBM HRLDP in 2008.

It has been eight years since you joined IBM HRLDP. Can you still remember your most rewarding or challenging experience during the program?
I had a lot of very fond memories about my experiences while on the IBM HRLDP. I would say the most rewarding was participating in the special projects and learning events each year. Having the extra stretch opportunities and additional learning experiences helped me to grow faster and deeper into the world of IBM. Collaborating with other HRLDPers from around the world and traveling to new locations together created a shared experience that I still cherish till date.

What did it take for you to be successful in this program?
The opportunities provided to HRLDPers help set you up for success, as long as you seize and capitalize on those opportunities such as the connections with senior leaders, more in depth learning opportunities, the chance to be a change agent in moving IBM forward, additional projects, and challenging shorter term rotations. Balancing these while quickly learning the environment of IBM certainly set you on the path to success, but it is up to each individual person to make that journey into what you want it to be.

How did this program influence your career choices and development?
The program enables new employees to meet experts in many different areas, interface with leaders from around the world, and experience a few very different roles in a short period of time. The network that I grew in the program was more extensive than I likely would have grown otherwise and has helped me to find leaders who have helped me develop along the way. Exposure to different areas has also influenced me to try new things, seek out special projects, build my confidence and expand my expectations. And I certainly can’t leave out that the fellow HRLDPers from my years have become very trusted peers and friends!

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