Why IBM is the Company of My Dreams

IBM recently got an honorable recognition from LinkedIn. In this blog Adriana shares how she is one of the IBMers that truly agrees with this recognition, and shares why, in her view, IBM is one of the top 25 companies Brazilians desire to work in.

By: Adriana da Costa Ferreira

Adriana Ferreira

IBM Brazil was recently recognized as one of the 25 companies where Brazilians most desire to work for. This ranking is based on the opinion and interactions of more than 32 million users in LinkedIn. And I couldn’t agree more!

For us, IBMers, it is a huge prestige to be recognized among the top companies in the market and it makes us believe that, besides a big list of reasons why, certainly our diversity and inclusion policies are key elements that make IBM stand out. Respect for the individual is one of our three main values — a value that should rule corporations everywhere.

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I have been working for IBM for 11 years now and I’ve witnessed several changes in the organization: how we position ourselves in the market contributing to a smarter world, and how we are leading a new era for Cloud, Cognitive and AI. However, it is the focus we give on inclusion and on how people are fairly treated in IBM that impresses me most.

As a lesbian I felt comfortable to bring my whole self to work since the first weeks of employment and I have to confess that this happened even before I came out to my own parents two years ago! It is because of IBM’s legacy and continuous improvement on LGBT+ policies that I am passionate about the company and people I work with.

From the parental leave policies which includes maternity leave for same sex couples, to transgender health and hormonotherapy support, our equal opportunity policies really work and brings value to each employee and their families.


Becoming an Inclusion Manager for Latin America last year, after experiencing different roles in HR since I entered IBM, gave me the clarity of the innumerous challenges we face in such a culturally diverse company… I see opportunities everywhere and I am sure we still have so much to accomplish!

It is no surprise that IBM was recently honored with the prestigious 2018 Catalyst Award for leadership in building a workplace that values diversity and inclusion. IBM is the only tech company honored this year — and the only company anywhere recognized for a fourth time.

I believe that our programs are designed in a way to challenge the unconscious bias of our people, calling out behaviors, activities, conversation and rhetoric that might be sometimes uncomfortable but necessary. This is one reason I assume my followers in LinkedIn like most—authenticity revealed in actions. Some examples of these initiatives are: Reverse Mentoring, Extension of Maternity Leave, Teaching Respect, Girls Who Code—all of which exemplify the culture of respect that defines IBM so well.

Attracting people to IBM, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, color or disability is our job, but leading them to a different path than is expected, is our mission. It can be easy for companies to recognize their best talents and promoting them, however excellent professionals are looking to work for companies with purpose, companies that make people feel they matter! That’s what we do best!

Adriana da Costa Ferreira is the Diversity & Inclusion Leader for Latin America, based in IBM Brazil.

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