Doing My Best Work Ever At IBM

In this blog Sophie describes how her career at IBM has given her the opportunity to pursue things she is so passionate about, while doing her best work (ever).

By Sophie Asmus

Sophie Asmus

When I left high school, I wanted to become a journalist. I liked the idea of informing people about interesting news and topics. However, with the internet becoming more established for public and commercial use in the early 90s, everything changed for me. I was really taken by the idea of working with computers and networks. This changed my outlook completely and I decided to study business informatics at university.

When I was 22 and in the final months of studying my degree, the idea of working for IBM became incredibly compelling. I decided to apply and was delighted to get offered a position. IBM has always been a well-known name in the industry and it was unbelievable to get offered a contract and to know that in a matter of days I’d be working for big blue! IBM always stood out for me because of stories like beating a chess master with Deep Blue (an IBM computer), IBMers supporting the Apollo mission, and employing brilliant minds like Benoit Mandelbrot. I remember feeling so proud to be joining a tech company I so admired.

Soon after, I started my career as an IT Specialist working for IBM’s consultancy arm, Global Business Services. From my first day, I knew I had found the right place and felt right at home. Being a huge global company, you would think it would be intimidating because there were a lot of tools, processes and people to get to know, but my new colleagues were very accommodating, and helped me find my feet in the world of IBM.

Over the years, I worked on different customer projects throughout Germany including exciting projects in enterprise content management and application development. You know you are in a good work environment when you become good friends with your colleagues, and continue to stay in touch even after you worked together. When I talk to my other friends who work for other companies I don’t hear of such good friendships being built and I think a lot of this can be attributed to the values every IBMer shares around the world.

As IBM evolved over the years, so has my career. In nearly two decades, I was able to transform from working in the field of IT to Human Resources. I started in HR managing corporate students and I now work in Talent Marketing as Employer Branding and Social Media Manager. When I speak with interns or students at schools and career fairs or write social content, I am reminded of the feeling I had when I joined IBM. I simply express the company spirit and values I have witnessed over the years and it inspires individuals to join IBM.

I can honestly say I love what I do. And you know what, I am somewhat doing what I originally wanted to do after high school!  While I may not be a journalist now, I am responsible for communicating interesting things about IBM. Looking back, I have combined my love for tech with my passion for writing and in a company I enjoy working for. There really are endless opportunities for different careers within one organization!

Sophie Asmus is an Employer Branding and Social Media Manager for University Programs in IBM Germany. She is a movie enthusiast and a cat lover. If she’s not talking about IBM somewhere, she might by in a cinema or she’s taking pictures of her cat for Instagram.

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