Hear from our Intern — Aarti Venugopal

Name: Aarti Venugopal
Location:  Dubai, U.A.E.
School:  University of Toronto – St. George

Why did you chose to intern at IBM?

While I was growing up, I was always told that IBM was a unique company because of its innovation, technology and business model that manages to always stay ahead of the game. I was interested to know how this happened and more specifically, with a company so large, how they run on the inside. Luckily, the opportunity came up to intern with the Global Recruitment team over the summer. It was most interesting to me as I could see from an employer’s point of view, what they are looking for from new recruits.

Can you describe your day-to-day activities?

Usually during my 9am-3pm day, I would participate on conference calls with the Global team that I work with that comprises of IBMers in China, India, Brazil and the United States. We would catch up and discuss the projects that I would be assigned to work on which can include writing blog posts, drafting and designing email templates and analyzing data to project the desired output.

Aarti Venugopal
Aarti Venugopal

 What is your favorite thing about working at IBM?

My favorite thing about working at IBM is the diversity of people that I work with – not only are they based in different countries around the world, but they also cover so many facets of the business unit and I find it really interesting how a team that is spread all around the world can bring their expertise, come together and get tasks done. For example, on a project I was just working on, I was working with my colleague in China on email templates that were sent to the U.S. to be approved for design, then edited with designs in India, for a project that was going to be launched in the Middle East. I found this procedure really interesting as it draws expertise from people all over the world to produce the best possible outcome.

What are your future goals?

What I’d like to accomplish in the future is a better understanding of how the corporate world works through various forms of work experience in different departments. With my experience in IBM, I am getting a feel of how a large corporation is broken down to dozens of units of many employees that are all focused on completing assignments. Specifically with HR, I’ve come to understand how this field deals with serving it’s staff’s needs as well as addressing those needs of it’s customers. I plan to use this experience in my future endeavors to better understand an employer-employee relationship and how that can be applied in other departments.

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