Women at IBM feature – meet Sita Lakshmi, Project Manager, IBM India!

Each woman nominated for a feature interview answers a few short questions about IBM and her career.  Here’s what Sita has to say about working at IBM.

What advice would you give to our new IBMers?

IBM is a mammoth organization with a history of 100 years. Any new comer can easily get lost and feel overwhelmed in this ocean. My advice would be to first build relationship with your manager. Use collaborative tools to the fullest and the one key survival skill “NETWORK”. Never burn any bridges. Keep your intellectual and emotional curiosity burning which will push you to explore new territory be it ideas, people or business. Keep moving to new positions and roles to get out of the comfort zone, and discover your strengths. “If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.”

Have you had any valuable mentors?  How have they helped you in your career? 

Over the years in my career I’ve had the privilege to have different formal as well as informal mentors who inspired, guided, advised, kindled, pushed  me and made me see a situation differently.

Has IBM provided you with any unique work-life integration solutions?

I would consider IBM as the most flexible organization in terms of giving an opportunity for a situation where work fits with other aspects of your life. One should take a holistic perspective, thinking of one’s career as an integral part of life, rather than a separate and obligatory activity. This brings huge gains in emotional and physical energy, not to forget greater clarity and focus at work.

What makes you proud to be an IBMer?

I take great pride in being a IBMer in the fact that we are truly making a difference to the world through our various innovations and technology that we deliver to our clients. Corporate social responsibility and community engagement are part of IBM’s 100-year old history.

How has working in a global society impacted your career?

Today’s work has gone completely global and requires more collaboration across a geographically dispersed workforce. Ability to dialog in a multicultural, transnational setting and sensitivity to new cultures and business processes has positively contributed to my career advancement. IBM has helped me in increasing my Cultural intelligence quotient with various global work opportunities.

Sita Lakshmi

Sita Lakshmi

This post originally appeared on the Women at IBM page, which is an open forum on Facebook for the thousands of talented women from around the world that have, are, or aspire to work for IBM and a Smarter Planet.

**For more information on IBM, women at IBM, or to view our open positions, please visit: https://www-03.ibm.com/employment/jobs/women_at_ibm.shtml

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