IBMers Taking Tucson’s Sun And Concentrating It For Power

By Hillary Davis, The Inside Tuscon Business.

A more advanced version of the familiar photovoltaic solar system is being demonstrated at IBM’s facility at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park. The small, ultra high concentrator photovoltaic installation can make even better use of one of the area’s most plentiful natural resources by being leaner, tougher and more efficient than its predecessors.

Not surprisingly, IBM researchers chose to deploy their creation in Tucson because it basks in the sun almost every day of the year.

“The sky is really good, both the quantity and quality of the sunlight,” said Timothy Dalton, Nano-Science & Technology Partnership Program Manager and a Master Inventor at IBM’s research division headquarters in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Anybody who’s spent time in Tucson knows how mighty the sun is here, although they might not know that there’s a scientific term to describe the sun’s intensity. Direct normal incidence, or DNI, of solar radiation measures how much energy is in the sunlight that hits a perpendicular surface. Continue Reading >>

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