Nurturing the Next Generation of Technologistas

Linda S. Sanford, SVP, Enterprise Transformation.
Linda S. Sanford, VP, Enterprise Transformation.

While women hold less than one-fourth of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) jobs, this influential group is already making a huge impact — in our organizations, our communities, and our world.

Already, women are crucial members of teams transforming crowded towns into Smarter Cities, helping cocoa farmers grow healthier crops, and finding new ways to help doctors cure diseases. We play a key role in space exploration, bring atoms to life on-screen, and successfully run Fortune 100 corporations.

By coupling their business acumen with deep technological expertise, these women can take on the toughest business challenges their customers have. And that doesn’t happen by accident.

Studies show they are naturally more collaborative and better at listening, two tenets for building strong teams. In fact, teams with at least one woman outperform male-only teams.

So how do we continue to help build out this enormous pool of talent? Here are a few good ways to start. Get the rest of the story at

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