Meet the Intern — Matt Langan

Name: Matt Langan
School:  Hamilton College, USA

What is your life motto?
Success comes in cans; failure in can’ts.

I understand your IBM internship has you contributing to internal knowledge services, but your studies at school are in political science/government. How have you applied your studies to your professional life?

Government, or political science, includes the study of behavior and systems, as well as decision-making processes and the balancing of differing interests and goals. I was able to apply those studies when creating content around IBM’s Corporate Service Corps and Smarter Cities Challenge in order to address the internal and external communities at which these communications are aimed. In addition, Hamilton College places a huge emphasis on teaching students to write effectively. I was able to apply the writing skills I practice in my coursework to my work on content innovation and engagement in IBM’s Digital Lab.

Matt Langan, IBM Intern
Matt Langan, IBM Intern

What’s your most memorable moment from your IBM internship?

I really enjoyed attending CEO Ginni Rometty’s presentation to IBM Managers, which focused on the company’s values. She is such a dynamic and amazing public speaker, and her insight was extremely relevant to my current work on a new digital app and social hub for IBM Managers. Even better was when I was introduced to her!

Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years?

As vague as it may sound, I believe I have a lot to experience before I know exactly what I would like to do professionally. However, I see myself working hard to apply the knowledge and experience I gain in technology and services over the next 10 years to collaborate with leading companies to solve their evolving data, information and communication needs.

This post first appeared on the People for A Smarter Planet page on Facebook, and was republished for IBM Jobs Blog.

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