Meet Karolina Kucharska, SSO Unit Leader, IBM Poland!

Each woman nominated for a feature interview answers a few short questions about IBM and her career. Here’s what Karolina has to say about working at IBM.

What made you decide to work for IBM?

My ambition was always to pursue a career in a leading multinational company. I was working for a small company, when IBM opened the Delivery Centre in Wroclaw, I jumped at the opportunity. I was determinate to prove that with the experience I had gained, I was able to learn fast and adapt to a new environment.

Have you had any valuable mentors?  How have they helped you in your career?

Yes, I have had and still have a few valuable mentors, from different locations, with different experience. They have helped me identify my strengths and how to leverage them, and helped me pinpoint my weaknesses, in order to help me develop. Each mentoring session has been of great value to me, as through these sessions I am able to spend some time reflecting on where I would like my IBM career to go, and what I need to do in order to achieve this.

Has IBM opened the doors to any new experiences for you?

Yes, I have experience a lot of new situations and challenges at IBM. I have had an opportunity to create a large team from scratch for an extremely complex client, and evolve to managing different service lines including technical operations.  I have also had the opportunity to travel and meet different customers in various contexts, ranging from engagement to operations.

What advice would you give to our new IBMers?

“Knowledge is power, however even greater than this is sharing that knowledge”. Have a thirst for knowledge, identify you strengths and weaknesses and develop you talents. Finally, help prepare for your succession, so if and when the opportunity arises you are ready to take on new challenges.

How has working in a global society impacted your career?

It has given me the opportunity to work and learn in a multicultural, international environment. It has taught me different ways of dealing with general day to day challenges. It has given me a different view of what I though were possible achievements in my career, it has adjusted my career path and ambitions, and shown that the sky really is the limit.

Karolina Kucharska
Karolina Kucharska


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