Intern Spotlight: Martin Triska — Czech Technical University in Prague

Name: Martin Triska, Former IBM Intern
School: Czech Technical University, Prague

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned at IBM?

In this case, the answer is very easy – It’s all about the people. You cannot make great things on your own and without great people standing by supporting you.

You were part of the Great Minds Student Internship Program. Can you tell us more about this program?

It’s a competition for 3 to 6-month internship at IBM Research in Zurich or Haifa for students from central and eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Students are nominated by their university professor, and if accepted, the student gets to choose what area of research they’d like to focus on. It’s an honorable recognition that allows students across the world to work on leading-edge research.

What’s the best part about working with world-renowned researchers?

The best part about working with all the people in the Lab is really the people themselves. Everyone I’ve met during my stay in Haifa was not just extremely skillful and smart, but also very friendly to me. I could go to talk to managers and research directors directly and they would talk to me as I was one of them. That felt amazing!

You’ve been developing mobile applications for IBM. How do you think mobile will change the way the world operates?

I’ve been doing many things, since I’ve been in IBM for almost four years now. I can say that I really believe in mobile technologies and their benefit to the world around us. Mobile devices will be — and are already — used for both producing and consuming information no matter where you are, when you’re there or what you’re doing. Thanks to our mobile device(s), we can connect to any network on earth, any application, any source of information, if the infrastructure is prepared. The devices themselves already have all the necessary capabilities and features and the possibilities of using them are almost limitless. I see myself and my work as a part of “the other side,” preparing and improving technologies in the background that can ultimately affect all people in the world in some way or another — and boy, does that feel great!

Martin Triska, IBM Intern
Martin Triska, IBM Intern


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