Bringing New Energy to the Cloud

By Mozhi Habibi
Mozhi Habibi, Worldwide Energy & Utilities Industry Leader and Cloud SME, IBM
Mozhi Habibi, Worldwide Energy & Utilities Industry Leader and Cloud SME, IBM

Cloud computing and the scalable, number-crunching power it affords, is being combined with analytics to help energy companies make sense of the mounting volumes of data coming in every day.

Consider Bharat Light and Power (BLP), one of India’s largest clean energy generators producing energy from such renewable resources as solar, wind, bio-mass, and hydro. With plants in Bangalore and Delhi, BLP is tapping into cloud and analytics through IBM and IBM Softlayer to improve efficiencies and data management, both of which will ultimately help the company produce more clean energy for an increasingly power-hungry customer base.

Also, with predictive data analysis, energy producers can better manage their resources, take necessary precautionary measures, and improve overall productivity. IBM will deploy its SoftLayer cloud infrastructure as a service to centrally monitor and manage BLP’s existing and future generation plants as well as store and manage the data on cloud.

The use of Big Data analytics will also help BLP gather valuable insights and give the company an integrated view of its operations. With the insights in hand, BLP will be able to take pro-active measures to improve efficiency and utilization.

Specifically, the cloud and analytics solution is expected to significantly improve BLP’s Plant Load Factor, which is essentially the generation efficiency of the installed capacity.

I’m the first to admit that standard-based high value cloud solutions are not a magic wand and will address every concern of every CIO, but I truly believe that open standard clouds will go a long way in fueling the appetite for energy companies to harness the computing strength they need to bring us the power we want.

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  1. There would seem to be such an upside to this type of analysis. Are there any risks, or is it a matter of utilities determining what the returns will be for this type of investment? What other investments are competing with big data investments?

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