Hear from IBM Intern — Brandon M. Warech

Name: Brandon M. Warech
School: Temple University

What is your life motto? How have you applied it to your day-to-day life?

My life motto is “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” With any job I have done — from cleaning up trash from the beaches in Sea Isle City at 13, to my most recent position with IBM, there is always a smarter way to tackle the task at hand. Every day I wake up, I strategically plan my day, as well as the upcoming days. By doing this, it helps productivity and time management, allowing for less stress, more organization, and a lighter workload.

Tell me about the projects you have been doing with integrating Watson and mobile technologies

I was able to work with “Watson for IT” where our team fostered a partnership that would use Watson’s Client Engagement Advisor mobile API to troubleshoot and diagnose problems by systematically sifting through millions of tech support documents to deliver a very accurate effective experience for IBM customers.

You helped organize several events for other IBM interns. What was the best part about this?

Interning with IBM, there are hundreds of other interns. However, the chances are, you are only working with a couple of them on your team. However, I was able to connect with interns on other teams and nearby locations. Being able to bring together the diverse groups of people to socialize, we were able to build relationships and connections. My favorite piece about organizing these events was hearing the projects other interns were working on. Every IBMer knows that when describing “Your role at IBM” — it is not a simple one-line explanation.

You have worked closely with social media technologies. How do you think social media will continue shaping the world we live in?

Social Media transformed the way we live and interact with people. Social is a communications tool which ultimately anybody could spread their voice to the millions in a matter of seconds. This is changing the ways companies operate. Customers are publicly vocal about their concerns and businesses are held to a high standard to respond and react to their concerns. Today, you can Tweet @IBM_eSupport to get assistance with problems on the IBM Support websites. What will tomorrow bring? Tweeting for a Taxi? Guess you are going to have to follow @SmarterPlanet to find out!

Brandon M. Warech


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