Profiling an Intern: Rajesh Vadlamudi, Penn State University

Name: Rajesh Vadlamudi, Former Inside Sales Intern
School: Penn State University

Can you tell us about your past work at IBM?

I worked as a summer intern in Inside Sales for IBM Software Group. As many of the people in my team were brand specialists for IBM software, I got first-hand exposure to the challenging job of ensuring clients purchase software in a timely manner. On a daily basis, I assisted account executives and managers to increase productivity. I was also in charge of facilitating better collaboration between members of my team and business partners we worked with by managing and updating an internal forum.

What is the best piece of advice you have gotten (whether at IBM or elsewhere)?

Network with everyone you meet! It is easier said than done but it is good to keep in touch with everyone you meet, especially professionals in your field. You never know when an opportunity may arise.

What has been your favorite memory or part about working for IBM?

My favorite part about working for IBM is without a doubt how open everyone is with each other. Everyone wants you to succeed at this company and will assist you in whatever way possible. As an intern, I was exposed to many wonderful people and ideas that will help me in the future.

What do you hope your professional life to look like in five years?

Five years from now, I hope to be working in the technology industry in a role where I will be utilizing my experience in sales and business analysis. Coming from a background of both economics and marketing, I want my professional career to be fast-paced to match that of the changing digital world and by adding value to society.

Rajesh Vadlamudi, Former Inside Sales Intern
Rajesh Vadlamudi, Former Inside Sales Intern

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