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Giraffe_-_Skyline_-_Nairobi_-_Park-380x285IBM recently opened the doors of its 12th global research lab and first in Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. The new laboratory employs some of the biggest brains to develop solutions to Africa’s grand challenges and to drive innovation in Africa, for Africa and the world.

To celebrate the launch and to recognize the talent and ideas of people across Africa, IBM has teamed with iHub, A24Media and independent photographer Mutua Matheka to organize “The World is Our Lab” photo competition.

Aimed at photographers of all abilities, the contest aims to capture Africa through its numerous challenges and opportunities through your lenses. Whether you use a camera phone or professional camera, capture and render original images that best define one or more of the following three categories:

  • African Grand Challenges: What are the grand challenges that need to be addressed for Africa to realize its potential? Is it improved access to food and drinkable water? Health services in places where there are less than one doctor for over 1,000 people? Is it more universal access to electricity in cities which current only reaches 20% of the population? Is it transport in cities where travelling two kilometers can currently take over an hour on the roads? Or is it the ability to hold governments accountable and track their progress?
  • African City Systems:  What systems do African cities depend on? Infrastructure like roads, buildings and bridges? Organizations and systems that manage a city’s transportation, healthcare, security, government, water, energy services? The systems we use to live and communicate – such as telephones, internet and social media? Or is it the places in a city where people and communities come together – such as markets, bus stations, town squares and sports stadiums? What makes a city smart?
  • African Innovation:  What are the solutions that people are putting in place across Africa to overcome the challenges of daily life and create new opportunities? New technologies applied to address perennial problems such as solar panels and wind turbines or old technologies given a new lease of life-like radio used to deliver education in remote regions? The creative ways individuals or communities live, communicate and trade such as mobile money transfer systems, information systems and applications? Or is it the low-tech but effective homemade devices such as seed planters, paraffin lamps and shoes made from recycled materials? Do the people and solutions of Africa’s new hi-tech sector signify innovation?

Explore Africa‘s myriad hues through your lenses and share it with us. Prizes include a chance to visit IBM’s new research lab in Nairobi, laptops with photo editing software, a photography workshop and a trip to the Kenyan coast.

The contest closes on 31 January, 2014.

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