Women at IBM Feature – meet Maja Falkiewicz-Gancarz, Delivery Compliance and Risk Management Leader, IBM Poland!

Maja Falkiewicz-Gancarz
Maja Falkiewicz-Gancarz

Each woman nominated for a feature interview answers a few short questions about IBM and her career. Here’s what Maja has to say about working at IBM.

What made you decide to work for IBM?

I think that I always wanted to work for IBM. I remember being a child when my grandfather said that if I want to buy a computer it has to be an IBM one. So I can say IBM was already in my blood when I was several years old. Then I learnt about its businesses and great achievements. My point of view has never changed. When in mid-2009 I heard that IBM was searching for office space in Wrocław, I immediately started to contact HRs so I could sent my CV. In February 2010 I was invited for an interview and started to work in IBM on 15th April 2010.

Has IBM opened the doors to any new experiences for you?

Yes, plenty of them. In IBM I have learnt that if I am given new opportunity, challenge I will succeed. And I was given a lot of them.

What advice would you give to our new IBMers?

Have clear goals, not just for one year. You should know what you want to do in 5, 10 years time. This will help you in shaping up your career, taking up new roles and responsibilities. Use the opportunities and believe me, in IBM there is enormous amount of them. Above all – be engaged, do not just participate. If you do not do much, don’t expect anyone to notice you. You want to be a real player – engage and be visible!

Has IBM provided you with any unique work-life integration solutions?

This is the first company when I feel like at home. I met wonderful people here, I have and I had great bosses here. The environment I work in gives me a space for inventing new things, implementing my ideas and making my own decisions. You cannot imagine how much energy I have to perform my work. I always liked to engage a lot in what I do, but I have never experienced such a big empowerment as when working here.

What makes you proud to be an IBMer?

The way we take care of the world through solutions and the number of innovations we do every year is astonishing. I am proud IBMer also because I have unique possibility to work with so many great professionals here.

**For more information on IBM, women at IBM, or to view our open positions, please visit: https://www-03.ibm.com/employment/jobs/women_at_ibm.shtml

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