Joining IBM in Latin America

By Rodolfo Perez Kuzma, Peru

Rodolfo Perez Kuzma
Rodolfo Perez Kuzma

I remember it just like it was yesterday. Friday July 27, 2012 –  I was confirmed to be part of Consulting by Degrees (CbD). Many emotions come to mind as I think about how incredible it is to be a part of IBM. My career is ready to take off! The company that I had wanted to work for since I was in college had finally become a reality. I have a story about this – my mother said that even before I had chosen my college focus, I had set out to work at IBM. I’m not sure that’s exactly right, but it’s what she says, and Mom knows best.

To start, we traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for training. In the training, all recent hires for the CbD program from Latin America would learn about Issue Based Consulting. The class was full of very competitive and intelligent participants eager to demonstrate this culture of high performance. Our excellent coaches ensured that each hour of the day was valuable.

My first assignment started in August 2012, just a few days after our first training, in a Consumer Product’s industry. I began as an SAP Order to Cash Consultant with another CbDer, Ricardo Pasquel. Since starting, I have already had the opportunity to work with senior consultants who have helped me learn a lot. I have improved my customer-facing skills as well as many others. Being part of this type of project has helped me grow my expertise greatly.

After a few days on the project, Ricardo and I had noticed that something interesting was happening. Many of the teachings and comments that we had received during “Issue Based Consulting” training were occurring real time right before our eyes. After my first project and as I started my next assignment, I was working in the area of ​​AMS-PAS which helped me to continue to maintain my fast growing knowledge and work with highly skilled and pleasant IBMers. At the same time, I worked on proposals to potential customers which gave me additional knowledge and help me understand a little more about how we work to help our clients.

As the CbD program is developing worldwide, I noticed an opportunity to attend an initiative called “OH! Office Hours”, that was put on by CbDers from NYC. This initiative has allowed me to expand my network of contacts both in IBM Peru and the world. During the initiative planning sessions, I received some advice from another U.S. CbDer about China. In February 2013, I took advantage of that advice and spent three weeks in many cities in China – a must visit country.

One of the things that I like and admire most about IBM is the fact that they have demonstrated a strong commitment to train their employees. Imagine that within just a few weeks since joining the company, I got to travel to another country to receive training; and that the CEO, Ginni Rometty, had guided us to complete at least 40 hours of education per year to help us grow as professionals. I am so happy that they emphasize a strong commitment to personal development.

Nowadays, I’m just about to start my third project in an Insurance company. Based on my previous experiences, I’m sure I’ll find dedicated professionals who will continue to contribute to my development in the CbD program and IBM. Truly, I am very happy and excited about the opportunity to be part of the program and the ability to get all this accelerated growth accompanied by CbD training and strong management.

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