IBM Corporation. A great place to work. You bet it is!

By Gary Markell.

Life is shortStarting with the IBMer who first trained me, my positive opinion of IBM in general continues to be reinforced by the optimistic, supportive and empowering leadership above me and the affirmative comments that I hear from incoming candidates and what they think of IBM. I enjoy and embrace the golden thread of solidarity, cohesion and sharing of ideas that seems to run through all channels of the organization. No one person is flawless, but everyone seems to give 100% and represent IBM with class, dignity and unselfish pride.

To add, IBM does not come across like the many stereotypical companies where so often people feel like they are just an eight-digit number lost in the shuffle. In contrast, inside IBM you feel like you are part of something worthwhile, with a prolific larger purpose. Because IBM ultimately offers such significant global contributions, what we are doing here not only is a value to our company but has an unequivocal effect on the world around us. I feel like I am valued as a person, that my work is appreciated and my presence a worthy part of a vital and meaningful enterprise with a common function.

IBM is not perfect. The difference between the norm and excellence however, is having an organization that progressively strives for perfection while in the same stride continues to convert ideas into innovations. That is indelibly IBM. For over 100 years IBM has risen to meet and solve the challenges set forth by the market, by technology and by society. Striving to be the best with an intentional focus at solving the problems of the world around us, is a paramount and clear objective. To learn and to “Think” and progress in timely, deliberate steps is what IBM is all about.

In a constantly changing world, IBM endeavors to become the global organization with the most fair and diverse hiring and egalitarianism focused employment practices on the globe, while culturing a genuine and sincere posture for career equality and non-discriminatory principles. This makes IBM one of the most welcoming organizations anywhere.

Finally, the atmosphere and the reputation for professionalism and our auspicious culture within the many locations of IBM throughout the world certainly have not happened by chance. It all begins with attitude and direction. IBM is careful not to just hire the best and the brightest technically sound candidates, but we also take extra care in hiring people who have optimistic attitudes, and personal standards of integrity. What matters initially is who you hire. IBM goes the extra mile to find and hire candidates who desire to stand for something worthwhile. We strive to find people with depth of character and who possess a sincere approach to people, who embrace a consultative ideology and who have proven leadership ability.

As well, we have fun and we do not take ourselves too seriously, mixing professional standard camaraderie within the workday. Continuous communications throughout all levels within the infrastructure of IBM helps to ensure that we all matter at IBM at every single rank. Once onboard, IBM continues to make talented IBMers even better by growing people and investing in the populous offering continuous training and mentoring programs.

The end result….well you have witnessed it for years.

Think of this as a cordial invitation to consider IBM as a great place to work.


About Gary Markell

Gary MarkellGary Markell is a senior recruiter with IBM working within GBS, Global Business Services division. With over 20 years experience starting his recruiting career in 1993, Gary Markell has been a full life cycle recruiter, Account Manager, Director of financial Services Recruiting, and in past owned his own recruiting agency for over 6 years. He has over 15 years working in Information Systems recruiting, and 3 plus years in banking recruitment. He has also limited experience recruiting in Retail, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical domains. Through MRI, Management Recruiters International, he became a CSAM, Certified Senior Account Manager. Gary Markell has served as trainer, mentor many times. Father of eight, he resides in Southeast Michigan with his wife Cristita and three youngest children, C.J., Anna and Timothy. He is active in church, as part of the choir and worship team, and has served in mission work in his past. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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