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Pilot Project Allows Utilities to Communicate Charging Instructions Directly to Electric Vehicles (EVs) Based on Power Grid Conditions.

tumblr_n3s1ug3qR21s141c3o1_500Out of the way gas-guzzlers. It’s estimated you’ll be sharing the road with 3 million electric vehicles by 2017. IBMer energy specialists are already preparing for the world adoption of EVs with a cloud-based electric vehicle charging system innovation. By putting electric cars in direct communication with the power grid, each plug-in seamlessly accesses vehicle I.Ds., battery storage info, energy transaction plans and payment details.

Additionally, the program can determine how many EVs are plugged in one neighborhood and the time it will take for each to reach a full charge. This level of insight will allow utilities to optimize grid operations and help reduce the chance of outages – a possible concern as the number of EVs increase.

Amazing to think that soon we’ll be watching the price-per-Kw instead of the price-per-gallon. Read on →


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