Ask The Recruiter: Rick Goetzee, IBM European Inside Sales Center

By Masha Tseveen.

Rick Goetzee IBM 4Rick Goetzee is Recruitment Manager for IBM Ireland. Originally from the Netherlands and living in Ireland since 1996. He has worked in HR since 2007. Before that held different positions in Learning, Business Controls and Operations in S&D Inside Sales.

Can you tell us about IBM European Inside Sales Center?

Inside Sales is a sales organisation with specialised skills to collaborate with our clients and capture demand in new ways. They pioneer and scale the science of transacting with customers in an expert and streamlined way – whatever and wherever they want – voice, video, text, in the office, mobile or social media. IBM Inside Sales supports all major products and services to customers who wish to purchase by phone and through the Web. Customers propensity to buy this way is increasing rapidly year on year and social medial is playing a critical role. Inside Sales has grown in Europe in recent years. Experienced candidates are hired from across Europe and brought to Dublin as regular IBMers. Inside Sales comprises of four sales roles – Inside Brand Sales; Inside Client Coverage, Lead Development & Online Commerce. We’re currently mainly looking for Nordic, German and Dutch candidates for all Sales roles.

What type of candidates do you look for?

Candidates with a minimum of 2 years of sales experience and fluency in a European language.

Describe your recruitment process

Candidates apply on the Global Opportunity Marketplace tool. They are first Screened by Recruitment and then by the Hiring Manager. Strong candidates are selected for interview. There may be a number of interviews depending on the role. If the candidate is successful Recruitment will contact the candidate to make the job offer.

How many rounds of interview should a candidate expect? Who makes the hiring decision?

There may be a number of interviews depending on the role. The hiring manager makes the hiring decision.

Do you consider applicants outside of Ireland or Europe?

As we have to fill the roles promptly we only consider candidates who have work authorisation to work in Ireland.

Will there be formal training, once hired?

New Hire training is provided in the first month. Ongoing training is also provided e.g. Global Sales School, Role specific tools and Processes, Brand Certification, Product Workshops.

What tips would you give to job applicants?

Put effort in writing your CV. And prepare well for an interview by doing research online. Interviewers will be impressed when they notice the candidate has done some research on the company and the role.


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