Ask The Recruiter: Tan Hui Ping, IBM ASEAN Recruitment Leader

By Masha Tseveen.

HuiPingHui Ping joined IBM in 1998 as a Procurement Professional. Since then till 2009, she held 7 different roles from operations, system and business process implementation to strategic planning within IBM International Services Center and the last assignment was Procurement Manager before she made a career switch to HR. From 2009 till 2014, Hui Ping held the roles of ASEAN Connections Manager/Singapore Diversity Leader, ASEAN Workforce Partner and ASEAN Recruitment Leader.

Can you tell us about IBM ASEAN?

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam countries make up ASEAN. Each of these countries are unique and have their own dominant language, diverse religion and diverse culture.

What are some of the emerging talent needs in your market?

Sales roles are always in demand. As the Watson Center of Competency is set up in Singapore, technical roles are emerging talent needs in ASEAN.

Are there differences in skills market in different countries in your region?

The talent market is very different in each of the ASEAN countries due to the varied differences in the economic development. For example, there are more senior niche skills professionals in the Singapore talent market compared to Indonesia.

What would you say makes IBM ASEAN premier employer in your region?

It is the opportunity to learn and develop one’s career due to the exposure of the diverse business environment.

What local technology groups or social network groups would be helpful for candidates to gain awareness of hot skills in your market?

Facebook is a good social media space for Gen Y especially fresh graduates. For professional hires, LinkedIn is a good social space in Singapore and Malaysia. The rest of the ASEAN countries will be mainly their local Job Boards.

What is the best 3 ways for prospective candidates to reach IBM ASEAN Recruitment regarding opportunities that match their skills?

It will be via the IBM ASEAN Careers page on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Global Opportunity Marketplace.

What tips would you give to job applicants?

Be concise and highlight key skills/experience that are relevant to the requirements stated in the job description.

It is good to follow-up with a private message in the IBM ASEAN Careers page on Facebook or private message to the country recruitment manager in LinkedIn as all the recruiters in ASEAN has a LinkedIn profile. It is very easy to search. Just type in the country name, Recruitment, IBM. Be sure to state in the message what role (include the Global Opportunity Marketplace ID) you have applied for and why you are suitable for the role.


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