Are You an IBMer? Applying at IBM–After You Click “Submit”

By Jeremy Buentello.

Dear Job Seeker,

So you’ve just applied for a position at IBM. Congratulations! You’ve answered the questions: I am an innovator. I am a problem solver. I’m ready to work with IBM to share my expertise with the world! …

…Now what?

IBM Jobs Blog Image 062514How can you get your CV noticed, and build a meaningful relationship with IBM as a prospective employer? (No, it’s not by submitting a hot pink, reverse-chronology Infographic CV of your favorite hobbies since 1986… See our previous blog post on IBM Software Group with Tips for Job Applicants.)

While it’s true that post-recession employment rates are finally recovering in some economies, and while we all hope that our skills are exactly what our dream employer has been waiting for…we all know that it’s still a jungle out there. Employers are inundated with applicants, and of course IBM is no different in that regard… But at IBM we really do want to know – what makes you IBM’s next great hire? How can you keep us in updated?

The obvious (and not so obvious): Search and Apply

First and foremost, while it may seem simple, do make sure that you search and apply for jobs that are a match for your skills, education, and expertise. In some legal jurisdictions, we may not even be able to communicate with you about the job unless and until you’ve applied online. This is important to point out, because it may not be enough to only contact us on social media – so make sure you’ve done your homework, found jobs that are a potential fit for you, and submitted your application.

Be Social

That said, we are social and we do want to hear from you! If you haven’t applied yet, are you not sure what jobs may be available now or in the future for your qualifications? Join our talent community to sign up and receive customized job alerts. If you have applied, go ahead and contact us! Our Recruiters are active on LinkedIn, so, send us a message. Remember, we get lots of contacts, but we will do our best to get back to you – and we will respond through our official application channel if you have applied online. Even link in with us – it grows your professional network at the same time as helping to advance your application prospects.

Market Yourself

Sometimes, the application alone is not enough to really stand out amongst all other applicants. Traditionally, the cover letter was the best way to communicate extra information such as why you’re interested in the position and to highlight information that may be on your CV but may not be immediately clearly relevant. While there’s no reason not to submit a CV, don’t feel obligated to. Once you’ve applied, social media can accomplish the same goal – connect with us online, and be sure to have an updated online professional profile with relevant key words and active posts. Even if you’re not an active job seeker, this is helpful for others in your field to find you for online collaboration in industry and professional groups. And if you are an active job seeker, we can find your info online – our Recruiter in Australia, Paula Kilby, is very skilled in evaluating candidate profiles, and finds “it’s easy to decipher what sort of candidate the applicant is, once he or she has applied online.” And beyond the application, of course we can get in touch with you on the phone when we may need more details that don’t come off the printed page.

What Next?

While we want to hear from you, it’s important to find that happy medium with communications with prospective employers. Try not to apply to too many positions at one time… it may decrease the emphasis of the application(s). Once you have applied, know that we will be evaluating your skills and qualifications against the pool of applicants, and you’ll receive one or more of a variety of responses. You may be notified if other candidates’ qualifications were more closely aligned with the business requirements (generally this occurs within a week), or you may be contacted for a next step interview. Overall, by the end of the selection process, you will usually know a final decision within three to four weeks of your application. In the meantime and beyond, stay active. Keep an eye on this IBM Jobs Blog. Connect with us on social media. Keep your profiles (both within the Jobs at IBM site and externally) current. Be perseverant and stay positive!

For more information:

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About the Author

Jeremy Buentello-IBMJeremy Buentello is Recruitment Account Manager for IBM Software Group and Sales & Distribution in Asia Pacific. In the role, Jeremy is lucky to be able to be where his passion lays – passion not only for the Recruitment function, but for IBM. With experience leading teams in China, Southeast Asia, North America, and other geographies, Jeremy thrives on building collaborative, high-performing teams. Originally from Austin, Texas in the US, Jeremy lives in Shanghai, China and loves live music, dogs, traveling, and all things Game of Thrones! Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn.

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