Good morning Taiwan!

This blog post is written by Mark Gallant, National Duty Field Manager in IBM Canada, Global Technology Services. He is travelling in the Philippines for the IBM Corporate Service Corps program to provide pro bono consulting services to local government in Santa Rosa.

Just sitting here in the Taipei airport shortly after 5am. We landed on time around 4:30am on Saturday July 19. It is a 13 hour difference between here and Halifax. I am officially from the Future if you want to know how the rest of your day goes.

Taiwan Airport
Taiwan Airport

Man that was a long flight 14:45 from Toronto to Taipei! I am glad I don’t have to do that again….for at least 4 weeks! Pretty hard to get any sustained sleep in tight quarters but, all in all, feeling OK and EVA Airways takes care of you. 2 full meals and a some snacks thrown your way. Those girls work hard!

We took the scenic route over the Arctic. A Big ol’ Airbus cruising at 37,000 feet and I think we may have crossed over Siberia. 61 and when we landed at Taipei it was very muggy (25C at 4:30!) The windows were so fogged up I thought we took a wrong turn and ended up in St John’s Nfld!

Went to get a cold drink… I am parched. Found a vending machine and the prices gave me a start!

$20 Dollars! Yikes :-)
$20 Dollars! Yikes 🙂

Until I found out NT stands for New Taiwan Dollar which equals 0.036 Cdn. Only 90cents…crisis averted.

The flight leaves for Manila in a couple of hours so won’t get much chance to see much of Taipei outside of the airport.Too bad.  Meetings arranged for when I arrive…I hope Manila has strong coffee! Will try to catch a catnap and practice some Filipino/ Tagalog  phrases before I land. English is very widespread but it is always good to know and may come in handy.

Some useful Filipino/Tagalog phrases 

Magandang umaga – Good morning
Magandang tanghali – Good noon
Magandang hapon – Good afternoon
Magandang gabi – Good evening

Kumusta ka? – How are you?  (add  ‘Pare’  (pa-re) and it is “how are ya bud” (need to make friends first!) Tip courtesy of Haidee Gagnier(proud Filipino)

Salamat – Thank you
Maraming salamat – Thank you very much
Walang anuman – You are welcome

Mabuhay! – Like Aloha there (welcome, cheers)

Walang anuman – You are welcome
Opo/ oho. (formal/polite) – Yes
Oo (informal) – Yes
Hindi po/ho (formal/polite) – No
Hindi (informal) – No
Hindi ko alam. – I don’t know
Anong oras na? – What time is it?
Anong pangalan mo? – What is your name?

To continue to read more on Mark’s CSC experiences in the Philippines, visit his blog.

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