10 Things to Know About Applying


What to expect when you apply on ibm.com/jobs

1. When you submit your application you will receive an automated note indicating your file was received.

2. If you do not meet the minimum requirements the system will automatically inform you that you were not qualified. Once rejected, you cannot reapply for the same position so be thoughtful about your answers there.

3. Candidate’s applications are reviewed in recruiting and selected for interview(s) based on overall candidate match of the position requirements and qualifications. Interviews may be phone or in-person. There are usually multiple interviews.

4. Once a candidate receives an offer and accepts it, the recruiter will close the requisition. The status may remain “under review” until the requisition is closed.

5. At this time, if you are not selected, your status should change when you log in. Once closed, you will no longer be able to view the posting.

6. Recruiters and managers do not typically correspond directly about their decisions to those not selected.

What to expect in an interview

7. IBM uses behavioral-style interviewing and in some instances (i.e., consulting) case interviews; these help us learn what candidates have accomplished, what skills they possess, and how deep their experience goes.

8. IBM hiring managers absolutely want to hear about a candidate’s career goals too. It’s not about hiring for one role per se, but how an individual can fit in with IBM long-term.

9. Even though IBM can offer candidates positions in many functional areas (i.e., technical, finance, marketing, sales, consulting, management, etc.), it’s important for a candidate to have a strong idea of what type of role they are looking for.

10. Stating generic interests will not get you very far. A candidate should demonstrate that they have done their homework. We want to see a candidate prepared to explain how their skills and experience will benefit our company and make short and long-term impacts. Most importantly, be excited about your career ambitions! We love enthusiasm.

We do suggest you check back often to search for new positions that become posted!

The post first appeared on Students for A Smarter Planet blog.

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