What’s Your #IBMIQ?

By Ella Slade, IBM Recruitment.

IBMIQQuizTimes are changing, so it is important to be aware of what we’re doing to embrace this change. Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security are big and exciting growth areas at IBM, it’s crucial to have first-hand knowledge about the topics before applying. And what better way to learn than in a fun interactive #IBMIQ quiz!

#IBMIQ is a fantastic opportunity to learn about these exciting and ever-expanding areas in preparation for an upcoming interview or assessment centre. Interviewers love to know that you have done your research and will be really impressed if you have some great examples at your fingertips!

The #IBMIQ quiz will run weekly for six weeks starting from November 5th, and will cover a different topic each week so you can join in week after week to get an even better understanding of what we’re up to! Keep your eyes peeled for some useful links on our social media sites to help you brush up on your IBM knowledge. The more you get involved, the better you’ll get and the more answers you’ll get right! But don’t forget that the most important thing is to use your new-found knowledge to make yourself stand out in your interview, assessment centre or application.

Simply join us on your local IBM careers Facebook or Twitter page for more information and to get involved!

What’s your #IBMIQ?

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