Lifestyle at IBM: Meet Master Inventor Tom Zimmerman

by Masha Tseveen.

IBMerWho are the real IBMers? What IBMers do in their spare time? Whether they are working on projects for the company, or involved in external projects and advocacies, we have a lot of great employees who continuously make an impact in their community. Today, we would like to introduce you to IBM Master Inventor Tom Zimmerman. Even though Tom Zimmerman has over 40 patents, he still finds time outside of the office for play. He’s actually been playing a DIY guitar he constructed out of a plastic pipework and wood. Will this play exploration directly advance IBM? You never know. What we do know is that it’s helping younger generations understand that science can have practical implications.  In 2009, Tom showed low-income high school students how to build their own guitars. You can learn too by checking out this step by step tutorial.

Currently Tom is working on modeling human personality and interaction based on mining social media. Take a peek into some of his inventions!

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