The Mad Scientist & The Play Machine

Real-life mad scientist, game chip guru and IBM Fellow John Cohn explores New York’s Lower East Side in search of the playfully innovative. He finds it in the form of the IBMblr Play Machine—an artful mash-up of gears, lasers, hand tools, popcorn and IBM Internet of Things technology. It’s a physical representation of innovation through “play,” and a super fun way to measure Tumblr sentiment for the whole world to see—live on camera.

What is the Play Machine?
Made with gears, electronics, glass, popcorn, lasers and 3D printed plastic, The Play Machine was a three week tech and art installation, broadcasted live from New York City on IBMblr. Using the Tumblr API and IBM cloud technologies, this “giant human cat toy” physically responded in real time to the likes, follows and reblogs of our Innovation Through PLAY content.

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