Innovation 26X26

Compiled by Masha Tseveen.

March 8th is International Women’s Day but one day is not enough to showcase all the awesome things women are doing in tech right now. So for the next week, we’ll be dedicated to celebrating some of the most promising innovations by women at IBM. Come along for the ride in Innovation26X26.

IBMWomen26x26_day7_innoPowerful Plastic

Jamie Garcia’s potentially world-changing discovery was the result of a happy accident – she left out a component needed during an experiment and ended up with a nearly unbreakable substance. This brand new kind of plastic is so strong that it’s easier to break the flask it’s created in than to damage the plastic itself. It could eventually be used to make recyclable car and airplane parts as well as aiding in 3D-printing applications and adhesives. Read more in Scientific American →

IBMWomen26x26_day11_innoSeparation of Work and Play

Accidentally sending a message from a work account instead of a personal account is a common faux pas. This patented idea proposes the use of natural language processing to make sure you’re saying LOL to your friend, not your boss. This innovation stems from Katie Keating’s experiences as a social brand account manager and her own desire to solve for this human error in social media that there didn’t seem to be a solution for.

IBMWomen26x26_day2_innoThe Bargain Hunter’s BFF

During a big sale, there’s a lot of competition for those hot, must-have items. This innovation by Lisa Bradley and team could help shoppers make the most of their bargain hunt by coordinating their location with what the store has in stock, taking into account other people who are vying for the same item. So long, Black Friday blues.

Data Concierge

Right now, apps in your mobile device can’t talk to each other. And they definitely don’t share their data. This project by Stacy Hobson and team is like a data concierge for mobile apps, allowing them to adapt to allow or restrict access to new data records as needed.

IBMWomen26x26_day1_innoEmail Extractor

The next time you hit send and wish you hadn’t, don’t panic. This patent by Susann Keohane and team could allow you to revise an email you’ve already sent before the recipient reads it. Because let’s face it,we all have that one (or more) emails we wish we could take back.

Why it’s called Innovation 26×26?

It’s no secret that there’s a need for more women in technology. In fact, women comprised just 26% of employees in certain tech-related fields in 2013. So to inspire more women to join the tech ranks, we’re showcasing 26 innovations by 26 innovative women.

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