Meet an IBM Scientist: Winnie Tatiana Silatsa Saha

L1006961Who: Winnie Tatiana Silatsa Saha
Location: IBM Research – Zurich
Nationality: Cameroonian

Focus: Electrical Engineering

“I’m currently working on developing a new high performance, low-cost, terahertz imager for passive imaging systems based on CMOS batch manufacturing processes. It’s a part of an EU project called TeraTOP.

Her advice for young women:

“Don’t believe in stereotypes. I don’t feel comfortable with anything else but science and I don’t know why any girl should feel scared about going into science, math or engineering.

“I think its very encouraging that IBM’s CEO is a woman who studied electrical engineering. This is a great motivator for the next generation of female scientists and engineers. There is a stigma that engineers don’t have what it takes to become successful managers and this is a misnomer.

“I feel incredibly comfortable working here at IBM, but I have to admit that after my professor encouraged me to apply, I hesitated. IBM is a global company with a renown brand and brilliant scientists, so I expected a very closed environment. But it’s just the opposite here in Zurich. It’s very open and I’m learning a lot.”

When Winnie isn’t in the lab, she is learning Spanish, her seventh language, after French, English, German, Cameroonian Pidgin, Yembam and Bamoun. She is also on the University of Dresden judo team.

Check out Winnie’s profile here.

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