My Wimbledon Experience

By James Brazill,

Wimbledon sign on Henman Hill
Wimbledon sign on Henman Hill

At the end of my year here at IBM I was given the opportunity to work at Wimbledon as Kiosk Manager. This role entailed working on site for 3 weeks, the first week was during qualifying and the next two during the championships.

IBM Kiost at WimbledonDuring the first week I was involved in the preparation before the tournament, devising individual schedules for all 20 interns, writing manuals for the kiosk and helping out on various other ad hoc tasks. Thoughout this week Wimbledon was a bit surreal as players such as Andy Murry and Sharapova would be strolling round and you could sit courtside and watch them practise, whereas during the championships they would be moving via the underground tunnels and practising on privet courts away from the public.

The next two weeks when the championships were on were entirely different, I was running the kiosk which involved explaining the story behind the data with the public. To do this we had an Oculus Rift headset (virtual reality technology) which transported you into the data entry booth and a game which allowed you to have a go at the being the data entry system. We also had a MITSY system at the kiosk with had the real time live stats which the commentators and media use, this system also has the entire history of Wimbledon dating back to the first ever match in 1877 won by Spencer Gore.

The IBM Kiosk Team
The IBM Kiosk Team

On top of my main role as Kiosk manager I was also covering other roles such as RTID support (helping maintain the scanners on all gates which were linked to the clubs accreditation and ticket system) and Player Support, where I would be in the players’ lounge on hand to assist them with the IT services IBM make available to players and coaches.

The three weeks at Wimbledon went by in a whirlwind and you can’t help but to be inspired to pick up a racquet and hit a ball. It was three weeks I’ll always remember from the great team I had the pleasure to manage to knowing I was involved in delivering an event which millions enjoy worldwide, Wimbledon is a fantastic project to have been a part of.

James Brazill studying BA Business Economics at the University of Liverpool, and have completed a year in industry at IBM as part of his studies. In his role as “Schools & Universities Attraction Coordinator” he was in charge of logistics for over 200 college and University events (organising volunteers and materials), managed the 6 Location Leads and developing and running School Leaver Open Evenings at major locations.

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