Extreme Blue: Not your average internship

Suhardya shares his experience as an Extreme Blue intern in India

I always knew Extreme Blue meant business, unlike some internships where you play second fiddle and just receive a ‘successful completion’ certificate at the end. At IBM, I knew I was bringing home more than just a piece of paper. So I packed my bags and flew to Bangalore where I would be working at IBM’s India Software Lab for the next ten weeks.

When I first arrived at the office, our manager Mohan greeted our team and introduced us to the other members of the IBM Mobile First team. I was taken aback by how seriously everyone took us – something that continued throughout the internship.

Getting down to business1

Our project involved developing a Bluemix optimized Rapid Mobile App Development Framework. Mohan gave us a great introduction and explained the business problem we needed to solve. For the next few hours, our Tech Lead Ajay and another team member led a rigorous discussion on the technical aspects of our project. These discussions offered us valuable insights into solving real-life problems and taught us to tackle the nuances that make a practical implementation different from the theoretical solution.

2Time to get our hands dirty

This is a no nonsense project and everything we do is going to affect thousands, possibly millions of present and prospective consumers of Bluemix. This meant that we had to watch out for issues we had never faced before, such as scalability and flexibility of the solution. We took an iterative approach to implementing the solution, we also divided the problem into modules and each of us took care of separate modules.

Our team

This is where I will divert from the project and say a few things about our team. We didn’t know each other before Extreme Blue, but it wasn’t long before we became friends. This chemistry gave us an edge in tackling the problem we were working on. We never faced any problems in distributing the work and interfacing our solutions, and I will attribute this to our close relationship and clarity of communication. Another benefit of our relationship was that none of us were ever coy about constructively criticizing others’ work or opinion. We could (and did) feel free to have a fierce debates about the project (and many other things!), and all these debates invariably ended in us having coffee together.

Coffee break?

Coffee is where all the fun is! The Pantry is 3the one place where we hang out with people from across the floor. As well as the lighthearted conversations that occur, what we take away are the “war-stories” and experiences of the veterans from other teams. Gaining knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies from the masters of the craft themselves over coffee is a privilege I cherish more than anything.

IBM is not only about the work you are assigned and the fun enjoyed over a cup of coffee. It’s also about the meritocratic culture that lets you put forth and defend your own ideas. It’s about the care the company takes of you from the moment you start and it’s about the wonderful people you meet and how they enrich your experience.

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