Sales People! Why your resume gets passed over…

By Kristy Bellingham, original article can be found here.

Kristy Bellingham

Does your resume make it easy or hard to determine that you are a great match for the position you have just applied for?  “Easy!” you exclaim.


Did you get a call or email from the company asking for an interview time? No? There is a reason. If you don’t make it perfectly obvious that you are a match for the job then you are going to be passed over. Why? Because recruiters have limited time to review resumes, we receive hundreds a day for the 40+ open positions we are typically working on.

If you are serious about a job or company then it is imperative that you tailor your resume to show your background has the experience needed in the job description. You only have 25- 30 seconds of a recruiters attention. We have hundreds of resumes we look at everyday. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for a hiring manager to say “yes!” to a candidate.

Take the time to include the information we need to quickly determine if the hiring manager will want to talk to you. Would you contact a potential customer and present collateral that is not specific to their company? Most resumes are general in nature. If you are applying for a Security Sales position highlight your security sales experience. If you are applying for a SaaS SMB sales role highlight your relevant SaaS experience selling into the SMB market. You get the idea..

Here are some basic elements that are constantly overlooked.

1. Provide a clear concise summary of each company you have worked for in the past (including a live link embedded in the company name).

for example:XYZ company provides SaaS Analytics for the healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Provide a clear concise summary of what you have sold for each role including product category types, specific product names, and  industries you have sold into.

for example: XYZ Company, Sales Executive. Products sold SaaS Analytics including  xyz business intelligence and xyz big data into the healthcare and manufacturing industries in NY, NJ, PA, DE.

3. Tailor your resume to the job you are applying to. Would you give a generic sales pitch if it was already outlined what the potential customer is looking for? On your resume this includes highlighting specific experience and including  details in your experience that you know the company is looking for (based on the job description).

3. Include quota, percentage of achievement and actual revenue for each role .

4. Current location (a city and state is sufficient – your phone number is not enough).

5. Name your resume “first name last name “resume” month year.

6. Limit the use of acronyms. DON’T use if they are unique within your company.

7. Apply for positions that you are qualified for. Do not apply for positions you “think you can do” or that you “want to do” or that look interesting.


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