Bet you didn’t know that!

Whether you’re prepping for an interview with IBM, in the process of applying or just interested in what is going on in the world of IBM and technology – here are 10 top facts from that past month that we think you’d like to know!

1. Strong IBM Cloud performance in Q2 2015 & $8.7 billion cloud revenue over past 12 months

1. cloud fact2. Watson could do what Nate Silver does + what 100 Obama re-election staffers did in 2012–in a fraction of the time. Find out more here.

3. IBM to buy Merge Healthcare for $1 billion to boost Watson’s sight. Learn more.

4. IBM and ARM are joining forces to boost Internet of Things device analytics.

5. 350 people tried out this year to be a ballperson at the US Open? More trivia here.5. ballperson

6. Two IBM scientists named to MIT’s 35 Innovators Under 35: Lisa Seacat DeLuca and Jamie Garcia6. woman one6 woman two cropped

7. IBM unveils Linux-only mainframe, makes largest one-time contribution of mainframe code:

8. With this app, IBM Watson could help you manage your fantasy football team:

9. Fitness fanatic? Check out this new training app powered by IBM Watson: fitness

10. IBM supercomputer Watson learns Arabic as it prepares to move to the Middle East

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What will you make with IBM?

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