Developing a Positive Work-Ethic

By Gary Markell

100 percentI have heard statements regarding “Work-Ethic” many times over the past two decades within the talent industry. Some believe, “Either you have it or you don’t”, while others feel a person can change based upon attitude and perspective. Should we bother to encourage growth regarding work-ethic?

For those fortunate people who are born into family values where old-fashioned work-ethic is taught at a young age, it is a precluded story. However, just because you may not inherently have the heritage advantage, let’s not rule out your potential for developing a superior work-ethic. There is nothing any of us can change about the factors in our past. There is something we all can do about our present and the future.

It is my belief that anyone can improve and develop a prominent work-ethic and here is why. A good work-ethic is the result of our state-of-mind and how we view ourselves. We all have the very same opportunity to choose. We can choose to coast along or we can choose to posture ourselves to consistently make good things happen. Having an intentional work-ethic is a result of our passion, our attitude and our integrity. An outstanding work-ethic rarely comes to fruition naturally. It is the direct result of developing the right intentions. End result? It is a major “Win-Win-Win” for all parties.

Developing a Positive Work Ethic:

Can your personal Work-Ethic be improved? Here at IBM we strive to provide a welcoming, interactive culture and stimulating work environment where our people can learn, grow and advance. Your work environment however, will not create a positive work-ethic for you. It takes being intentional and deliberate. Following are some tips regarding developing a positive work-ethic.

Know what you want from your job. Do you have career-path expectations? Have you considered, as you produce results and do well, what your vocation and your company can offer for you in future opportunities.

Organize Yourself and Create Good Habits. Prioritize your day. Determine to be able to reach the goals of those things that produce results for your company/client. Make a list of what you need to do and then put them in order of importance. Do not jump around the list doing the most comfortable things first. Stick to the order.

Developing a positive work ethic

Be Goal-Oriented. Assert personal expectations and set reasonable daily, monthly, and yearly goals accordingly. Until you can envision yourself hitting work related goals, you will flounder. Good habits do not happen just because you are putting in your weekly 40+ hours. They happen because of intentional focus.

Communicate with your Leadership. Convey your career goals and get some advice from your leadership regarding potential training and growth tools that might be available as well as honest insights on the subject of how to improve.

Get a Mentor. Seek out a proven mentor or a life-coach. Have a set meeting time each month to bounce thoughts and ideas off your mentor. Listen to what they have to say and have a plan to implement what might be applicable.

Choose to be Positive. A computer programmer would tell you using the expression, “GIGO,” or “garbage in, garbage out.” The reverse is also true! “Good in, good out.” Surround yourself with positive influences and materials. Eliminate those things that are negative influences.

Self Help. Be intentional and surround yourself with additional positive reading and audio-visual materials.

Healthy Body. Exercise, maintain good nutrition, and get adequate rest.

Always Do the Right Thing. Have a state of mind determined to do the right thing. It is a blessing to have a job. Being employed is not a right, it is a privilege so give 100%. You can’t always control results, but anything less than giving a undivided effort for a day’s wage is inadequate, and you are not only letting down your employer and your team, you are letting yourself down.

Enjoy Your Day! Have fun while you are at the task of creating great work habits. It always feels good when we work hard and have good results, but mix in some camaraderie too. In your off-time, find some time to relax and recharge.


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