Women in Tech: Meet Ashley Hathaway

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Quick Facts

Job Title
Product Manager, IBM Watson Platform

Past roles at IBM
UX Designer, Developer Experience Lead

United States

Alma Mater
University of North Texas

You’re part of a greater conversation about culture, politics, markets and the future.”

Ashley Hathaway has quite a range of role models, from Ginni Rometty and Marissa Mayer to Kathleen Hanna. She loves seeing new technologies disrupt economies, which makes working with Watson especially exciting for her. She’s an avid volunteer and CrossFit enthusiast.

Why is it important that women go into STEM fields? Why did you?

Because it’s fun! I have always naturally been drawn to tech and business, but didn’t imagine the opportunities, talent and inspiration I would find on a daily basis. By being part of the tech field you’re automatically part of a greater conversation about how we’re defining our culture, politics, markets and the future. The tech field is fast, new, creative and constantly adapting, which I love.

Have you experienced any challenges as a woman in your field? If so, please share how they affect the way you approach your work.

I never expected my gender to be an issue, but there have been times I’ve felt aware of being a “girl who codes,” and not just a “person that codes.” However, there have also been moments when being a woman has been a total plus. Because of this, I take much more responsibility, pride and awareness in my work. I feel lucky to have stumbled into a position that can hopefully make a positive impact on others while doing something that I like anyway. I’ve been lucky enough to find people at work who support me, so I can continue to just be myself and not think about gender when it comes to making fantastic products.

The most significant moment in my IBM career was when…

Honestly, the day I joined and started working with IBM Design is still the most special. It has been a roller coaster since day one — in a good way. Things are constantly changing. I’ve been so impressed with the leadership and vision of IBM Design. I have never had a job that challenges me as much as this one. Having the support of an enterprise and the flexibility to work fast and lean is fantastic. I’ve been overwhelmed by all the different initiatives going on at IBM. For me that means there’s never a dull moment, which I really enjoy.

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