How to create a top LinkedIn profile

by LinkedIn

Use this guide to build a profile that quickly tells an impactful, professional story. Give viewers a glimpse into who you are and get them excited to learn more. Be strategic and choose one or two themes that strengthen your value and make you easy to remember.

1. PHOTO Select a photo that Developing a good LinkedIn profilerepresents you professionally. This helps humanize your profile and makes you more approachable.

2. PERSONALIZE Your profile is the front page of your story. The headline is a great way to show your value and passion in one quick line. Make the reader want to read more.

3. PITCH Think of your summary as your “elevator pitch.” It should tell people what they can expect from you, and describe what you do to someone who’s unfamiliar with your job. Highlight your strengths.

4. PICTURES & VIDEOS Use photos, videos, presentations, and other rich media to make your story jump off the page. This is also a great way to showcase your company & employer brands.

5. PROSE LinkedIn is not a job board, so your experience doesn’t have to read like a résumé. Simply summarize your experience in 2—3 concise sentences. Describe your major wins or projects for each position, and the value you brought to your team.

6. PASSION Above all, let your passion for what you do come through in your profile. Get creative and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

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