New People, New Networks

Networking, connecting, schmoozing… Call it what you will, but one thing’s for certain, it’s an important factor if you’re looking to develop or enhance your career. The prospect of ‘building your network’ can seem daunting, so some of our graduates and interns have offered their advice on how to build your professional contacts.

“Engage. Ask questions, be aware of what’s going on around you. That’s the key to finding opportunities”

“If possible, after meeting someone, send a follow up email so they are more likely to remember you”

“Talk to anybody and everybody! There’s no time for being shy, or waiting your turn – the only way to build a network and be remembered (and therefore get more opportunities!) is to talk to people and make a great impression right away!”

Think of your network as a career asset
“Think of your network as a career asset – the relationships we foster and the friends we make along the way are just as important as the professional skills and experiences we acquire”

“Share your skills. Network with the intention of helping others, not just yourself”

“Joining sports and social clubs are a great way of having fun and meeting new people”

Joining sports and social clubs are a great way of having fun and meeting new people“Don’t be afraid to be yourself”

Don't be afraid to be yourself

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