Universum’s Most Attractive Employer Rankings: Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria

For the first time, students in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana have voted …and IBM proudly features on the Universum list!

Every year, Universum surveys students and professionals in more than 50 markets globally asking them a range of questions about their career expectations, how they perceive employers and what they associate with each employer.

And this year, the survey was launched in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Universum’s Most Attractive Employer Rankings reveal which companies are the most popular and attractive to work for in different target groups.


11th = Engineering/Technology


21st = Engineering/Technology


10th = Engineering/Technology

“We are pleased with the release of Universum rankings in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya as this now allows us to objectively gauge sentiment of how students view IBM as an employer. This measurement will allow us to realign strategies to ensure that we attract Africa’s best and brightest minds.

In our journey to continue to contribute to Africa’s legacy, we recognise that this cannot be achieved without Africa’s best Millenials. The survey provides us with necessary information to allow us to do so and we look forward to ongoing surveys and improved results.” – Natasha Pillay-Bemath – Middle East and Africa Recruitment Leader.


To find out more about the Universum rankings, take a look here.

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