IBM News Roundup: October

Over the past month IBM has launched into the Cognitive Era, acquired The Weather Company, and lots more! If you are preparing for an interview, looking to improve your application form or have a general interest in technology and IBM, these facts from the past month will be right up your street!

  1. Welcome to the Cognitive Era. Learn more at: http://com/outthink
  1. IBM to acquire Weather Company product & tech business, will fuel new IBM Watson IoT Cloud http://biz/ibmweather

The Weather Company

  1. A huge thanks to everyone who attended IBM Insight! Check out IBMGO to relive it on-demand. http://comIBM Insight
  2. New IBM Watson golf coaching app puts a pro in your pocket http://ly/1Mgt1Mw

IBM Watson

  1. Healthcare goes cognitive: IBM Watson for health debuts on the Apple Watch http://tn/1LWYozR

Apple Watch

  1. IBM’s Pathways In Tech among most innovative schools in America http://ie/1jz6rsj

Pathways in Tech


7. IBM Watson CTO says “personal” robots are next in human-machine interaction #IBMInsight


8. Necessity and Invention. 14 speakers at TED@IBM challenge this adage: http://ly/TAWWt via TEDTalks


9. Find out how researchers at NASA are using IBM Watson.

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