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By Mandy Chessell, orignial article can be found here.

I have followed a technical career for over 28 years and I am happy to say I have never been bored. How is this possible?

Because something is always changing and this creates new challenges. The trick is to not to get too comfortable; staying with the work that is familiar and easy to do.  It is necessary to be bold and try new technology, work with new teams and volunteer for new projects. Yes there is a risk that you may make mistakes and the new project may fail because the technology, or the market, is not ready for it.  But the point is, these projects stretch your mind and give you a buzz of excitement.  This is when you learn the most – and where you build skills that increase the chances that your next project will be successful.

I feel so fortunate that so far, I have personally been involved in each new wave of technology from single large systems, to client server and distributed computing, then the Internet and now mobile, cloud, big data and social computing.  In each wave we were pushing the limits of what technology can do – effectively bringing it closer to the way our complex world really operates.

In this current wave, technology is now part of everyone’s lives. This means it must fit in with the way we want to live and this is a fascinating challenge, because people are individuals and we have to enable technology to adapt to them.

So working in technology is not about learning to be like a machine – it is about teaching computers to be more like people – to understand what we need and help us to solve problems, manage resources and keep our busy lives organized so we can enjoy life to the full.

If you love solving problems and want to make the world a better place, think about a career in technology – its great for you and it is changing the way we live.

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