IBM News Roundup: January

2016 is already here and at IBM, we’ve made a good start! A lot has happened in January, from CEO Ginni Rometty delivering the keynote speech at CES, to Serena Williams teaching IBM Watson to take a selfie. If you are preparing for an interview, looking to improve your application form or have a general interest in technology and IBM, these 12 facts from the past month will be right up your street!


1. Watch the replay of CEO Ginni Rometty’s #CES2016 keynote:


2. Have you seen Serena Williams in our latest IBMWatson TV commercial?   #CognitiveEra

Jan 4

3. IBM serves up a digital grand slam at the #AusOpen

jan 5b

4. Welcome to the #CognitiveEra where IBMWatson is helping leaders outthink the limits of what’s possible. 

Jan 1

5. IBM unveils 4 new IBMWatson partners: UnderArmour, SoftBank, WhirlpoolCorp, Medtronic  #CES2016

6. 23 years of patent leadership: Meet the IBM inventors creating the #CognitiveEra 

Jan 3

7. IBM acquires IrisAnalytics which applies #cognitivecomputing models to combat payment fraud

Jan 5

8. 3 ways IBM Research in Dublin is changing the way our cities work  #IBMResearchCities

Jan 7

9. 2016 is #IBMResearch‘s 60th year in Switzerland. Our 1st lab in Adliswil: 

Jan 8

10. IBM Acquires Ustream and forms new ibmcloud video services unit

Jan 6

11. Meet the IBM team that created reusable polymers  #IBMResearch #WomeninTech #IBMPatents


12. Ford working with ibmcloud to help drivers make better decisions about their driving 


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