Meeting new people

By Erika Galicia.

There’s a quote that says  “Never be too busy to meet someone new”

I am not sure who said that but this quote is one of the quotes I try to live by. Every person for me is unique and a door to a whole different world: different ideas, thoughts, beliefs, customs, and ideologies from our own.And here lies one of the things I love the most about being an IBMer. Being part of a global organization, gives me the opportunity of meeting new people all the time. Not only on a daily basis with my work, but also through the other opportunities I get involved in. I want to share with you more about one of these….


I am a co-leader of a local Business Resource Group called WomexGDL, a local group that works towards the promotion of a work environment with gender equity in all levels of our organization, an environment that allows the access to growth opportunities for women, specially to leadership and decision making positions.

As part of the International Women’s day Celebration this month, we had a Round table / Brunch organized with some of the most successful women in our Company and in our Community (non-IBMers) to talk about the topic “Gender Equity”, and let me tell you that it was one of the most fulfilling experiences that I’ve had in my career.

Taking two hours away from your daily work, having brunch and being able to meet women that are leaders in their job roles (both, IBMers and leaders from other Companies), discuss with them about what we as WomexGDL are doing for gender equity and what they are doing on their end, listening about their struggles, their daily battles on this topic (that still has a long way to go) but at the same time learning from their experiences, their success stories, what has worked for them and sharing what we have done on our end; It is just an experience that makes you grow as a person and as a professional.

This was not only a networking event, it was about sharing, learning from people that has walked this same path before you and faced so many similar challenges like you facing now. Simply an awesome experience… a face-to-face experience.

What is worthwhile about meeting new people is that you know you are going to learn something from all of them. They all have something valuable to teach you. That’s such a marvelous thing!

This is, among other things, one of the opportunities that IBM has given me: the experience to meet people and the assurance that as a woman working towards gender equity, I’m not alone, and there are other women inside IBM, as well as outside, that are working towards creating the same opportunities for women as we are at IBM, and that makes you certain that we are working on the right path.


Galicia E

Erika Galicia is an Application Owner at IBM México Campus GDL. You can find her on Twitter

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