My IBM Corporate Service Corps Experience. A Place of Reflection, Gratitude and Excitement

By Andrea Keating

IBM Corporate Services Corps (CSC) program gives IBM’ers the unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills, by going on a community-based assignment in an emerging market to help communities around the world solve critical problems. In this edition, we will be sharing the experience of Andrea Keating, North America Recruitment Marketing and Branding Lead for IBM Global Business Services as she proceed to Argentina for her assignment.

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As I currently sit on my plane to Argentina and embark on my IBM Corporate Service Corp’s assignment, I find myself in a place of reflection, gratitude, and excitement. I can’t believe I am here! I remember learning about the CSC program years ago, and was totally enthralled with the idea that a company would dedicate its resources and talents to others. Not to mention, it operates in some pretty cool places around the globe. Immediately, I put it at the top of my IBM bucket list.

IBM has not only allowed me, but encouraged me to take on new challenges. I first started at IBM as an Organizational Change Management Consultant in the Consulting by Degrees program. After some time as a Recruitment Manager, I now find myself in my current role as the North America Recruitment Marketing and Branding Lead for IBM Global Business Services. From each role, I’ve added to my skillset, and am now ready to make an impact and collaborate with my team.

My motivation for participating in IBM’s Corporate Service Corps is two-fold. Ideally, I’ll be able to make a global impact and visibly improve the lives of others. More realistically, I’ll be taking my (and the teams) standard processes, tools, and expertise from IBM, and applying them to a challenging and unique situation to improve a challenge that our non-profit faces. Additionally, I am excited to work alongside others who share not only a passion for service, but for IBM as well. While IBM is huge and multinational, it’s really nice to be able to recognize that I’m a member of a team that is nearly 400 thousand strong, all deeply rooted in the same beliefs!

It is ingrained in the IBM culture to push innovation and constantly be forward thinkers while addressing some of the greatest challenges. As I approach Argentina, I wonder if I am bringing “Think, Prepare, Rehearse,” to life. I have been preparing with my global team for months beforehand. We have met and learned about our own cultural differences, researched our clients, and brainstormed possible plans and solutions. And yet… are we going to be impactful and make tomorrow just that much better? Are we going to be able to navigate cultural differences and help a client with a problem we’ve never faced before? Can I challenge myself in a way to learn from my peers and bring something back to my team? I guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks, but for now, I’m just a few hours away from landing in Cordoba and I better catch some more rest.

I look forward to sharing more about this incredible opportunity in the next few weeks!



Andrea Keating is North America Recruitment Marketing and Branding Lead for IBM Global Business Services.

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