Innovate with Impact — Meet IBM’s youngest ever Master Inventor!

By Haytham Assem


The role of IBM Master Inventor is both an honor and an important responsibility reserved for leading inventors in our company whose talents, insights and contributions are not only exemplary, but critical for IBM’s continued leadership and growth in Intellectual Property.”…Bluepedia



Haytham Assem joined IBM in 2013.  He works as a Principle Investigator and Technical Lead for the Cognitive Computing Group within the Innovation Exchange Team at the Software Development Lab in Ireland. He recently received the honor of being the youngest person ever to be awarded the title of IBM Master Inventor at the age of 26 – talk about an incredible accomplishment!


Being IBM’s youngest Master Inventor is an honor! It wasn’t really something that I had ever planned to achieve. This is really the top achievement that I am most proud of during my career so far. I hope that this honor will sustain my passion for trying novel ideas, failing, and try again.

Someone is awarded the title of an IBM Master Inventor if they are considered by the company to be a role model for the technical and scientific community, actively inventing with a significant number of filed patents, mentoring other new inventors and using their expertise to elevate the profile of intellectual property.

I have around 30 filed patents which I am the principle inventor of. The one I am probably most proud of is related to an invention of a new algorithm for improving the Voice over IP call quality that can be used within any VoIP product (e.g.: Skype, Viber, SameTime, etc). I am very proud of this one as it took more than six months working to implement and test the validity of the idea before submitting it as a disclosure. Also, it was interesting because I was in need to reverse engineer one of the top VoIP products in the market to understand how one of its components operates and from there the idea started to take a concrete shape. In addition, this particular disclosure won Top-10 Patent award singled out from thousand submissions in IBM.

I enjoy working at IBM as it is a multidisciplinary company with a workforce from various backgrounds including Computer Engineers, Mathematicians, Business Analysts, Physicists, Chemists, etc. One of the most interesting things about working here is that you can easily collaborate with people of various skills across the globe at IBM. This is a very encouraging environment to innovate and create novel solutions that can really influence the world in the future.

If I had to describe what I do all day in 3 words I would say “Innovate with Impact”

If I had to give one piece of advice for someone starting out on a technical career it’s to go and start inventing! The most innovative ideas are always the simplest and I think that the real inventor, treats his failure trials simply as practice shots.


The IBM Master Inventor series is a collection of articles that describes an IBM Master inventor, the many ways IBM supports these inventors, the motivation behind their inventions and patents and also advice and guidance for buddy inventors who may be looking at IBM for their careers. Stay tuned as we bring to you the experiences of these unique talents at IBM.

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Haytham Assem is a Principal Investigator & Technical Lead from IBM Innovation Exchange in Dublin, Ireland. His particular research interests include Voice and Video Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data and Ubiquitous Computing.


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