IBM China wins 2016 Randstad Most Attractive Employer and 2016 Join Jade Award from WHO

By Chuan Ya Wang

IBM China has been recognized for its brand attractiveness and non-discriminatory health care policy in the workplace.

Randstad Most Attractive Employer

Randstad Awards 2016 was announced on April 22nd, 2016 to identify the best Employer Brand in the Greater China region.  IBM China was awarded the ‘2016 Most Attractive Employer Brand’ for the team’s talent management and employer branding effort.

GCG Awards...

This is the 3rd consecutive year that IBM is awarded as “Randstad China’s Most Attractive Employer No.1“.

Randstad Award was founded in 1999. It is the world’s largest independent public opinion survey measuring the market perception of the biggest employers across 23 countries by workforce size. It covers 4900 employers in total who are evaluated by more than 220,000 respondents between the age of 18 and 65.  China’s award this year has covered over 7705 job candidates’ response and is well-know as ‘People’s choice’

Xue Lian

Ms. Xue Lian, IBM GCG recruitment lead, represented IBM China to accept the gold medal award and to celebrate this great event.

2016 Join Jade Award from WHO

IBM China was also awarded the Join Jade award from WHO officer for IBM as role model and pioneer in China for our work around hepatitis B. This is to recognize IBM as role model and pioneer in China in hepatitis non-discrimination employment policy and workplace, efforts on hepatitis B and liver cancer prevention and control.

In China, IBM is the first company that has no discriminatory hepatitis B employment screening, IBM has provided company paid vaccinations to employees and their dependents

 Dr Chen

IBM GCG IHS Manager, Dr Chen received this award on behalf of IBM

These achievements are proof that IBM remains the top MNC in the Greater China region.

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