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IBM Consulting by Degrees Program: My Experience as a CbDer

By Nicolò Brandini


My name is Nicolò Brandini, I am from Milan, Italy, and I am completing the IBM’s Graduate Consulting by Degree program, which I started in April 2014. Currently, I am a Strategy Consultant, working on assignments within the Petrochemical and Manufacturing sectors. I am really proud to have joined such an engaging, interesting and developing program, and I am happy for the choice I took two years ago. In fact, I applied to this program because I wished to improve both my soft skills and my technical skills: I think the program fulfilled perfectly all this requirements and expectations, and I can say that it has been a huge success for me.

Opportunities for Development

The CbD program has allowed me to develop myself both from a professional and personal point of view. I have had the chance to participate in several project assignments, with different clients and with different project roles including business analyst and process consultant.  I have also participated in several learning activities, both in Italy and around Europe: this was a really exciting experience, because I could meet my European peers, exchange ideas with them and get visibility on international IBM projects. Meeting with my European peers was extremely exciting, each of them had a professional story to tell and a different academic background. It was great to share our experiences and stories.

Challenges and Support

Of course, during these two years I had to face several challenges, especially during my projects: the role of a Consultant role is often pretty tough, as you have to face client’s expectations and requirements. But, I have been  really lucky to meet great colleagues, such as project managers and senior consultants, who have helped me work through these challenging situations. I think that this collaborative approach is one of the things that I appreciate most about  IBM, and I think this is an important part of the IBM culture.


I really appreciate the fact that I was mentored throughout the program, both by my project colleagues, and by my mentor.  I always receive regular feedback from them, and this has been useful to understand the quality of my performances and to improve myself during my daily activities.

My plan now is that I want to stay with IBM, to further my career as a Consultant, by gaining more responsibility on my assignments, and helping new graduates to step into their new jobs in an effective way.  I was supported when I joined and I wish all graduates could take advantage of this unique opportunity to build and develop  their career!


Nicolò Brandini is a Business Analytics and Strategy Consultant with IBM Global Business Services.

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